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Shropshire Council Chief’s proposed ~46% pay rise

Like many who saw the headline in the Shropshire Star last Thursday, I was shocked and appalled. Shocked by the scale of the percentage rise of nearly 46% and appalled by the amount in cash terms of £47,000. Posted by David Walker on Thursday, 10 May 2018 In cash terms, the £47,000 pay rise is vastly …


Maternity Unit Saga Drags on

Residents, parents, local Conservatives, Lib Dems & Greens continue to express outrage at the ongoing Maternity Unit saga. After a prolonged closure due to staff shortages at Telford – where expectant and recovering mothers were expected to use Telford or Wrexham units instead – we are now into a new set of more temporary closures. …


Plastic roads: Are they the answer

Are Plastic Roads the Answer to pothole and plastic problems? Cumbria County Council thinks they are. They successfully completed trials in the use of recycled plastics to build longer lasting and stronger roads. Liberal Democrats run Cumbria council as part of a Joint administration. Plastic waste that doesn’t normally have a recyclable use is heated …

LED Street Light at Whittington Level Crossing

36 years to change a light bulb

Better street lighting plan thrown out by Conservatives Large numbers of councils across the UK, including Shropshire’s parish councils, are upgrading their lights to save money on repairs, and energy bills, reduce carbon emissions, light pollution, and crime, and to improve public safety. Local residents often complain about poor lighting A recent initiative by Liberal …

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Growing traffic & pothole problems vs £5m cuts in roads

The state of the roads and the growing pothole problem has once again been featured by the national and local media. For decades Shropshire has had a reputation for poor roads, often readily apparent to road users as they crossed the county border. For Shropshire, they have a colossal road network with some 3,138 miles …

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Liberal Democrats believe in grafting for our communities. We get out there and we get stuck in. We don’t get lost in committees. So we actively campaign on the issues that matter to you. When you elect us to do a job, we unsurprisingly, do a job. This means we work for you and feed issues into our councils rather than just feed you what comes the other way. In short we work as your champion and as your advocate with our local authorities.

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Liberal Democrats work all year round. When we say that we actually do it. Other parties rarely contact you between elections. I will be issuing more in the coming weeks and months.

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