As an experiment I have produced a 3d point cloud and mesh from a series of 2D photographs to compare with other survey methods I use at work to assess the relative accuracy of this method of modelling.

Using photogrametric principles software can now reconstruct/model 3D objects just by using overlapping photographs of the object. If the results bear up then this will produce quite a time saving on site for some projects at work.

The key is to make sure there are plenty of photos with sufficient overlap.

Below are screen grabs of the resulting model.

Bridgnorth Castle (Textured Faces)

Bridgnorth Castle Model (textures on)
Bridgnorth Castle 3D Model (textures on)

Bridgnorth Castle (3D mesh with the edges on)

Bridgnorth Castle 3D Mesh (edges on)
Bridgnorth Castle 3D Mesh (edges on)

Bridgnorth Castle (3D mesh – faces only)

Bridgnorth Castle 3D Mesh (faces only)
Bridgnorth Castle 3D Mesh (faces only)

Below is a quick snap shot using PhotSynth

The final cleaned up point cloud