3d pointcloud and Mesh from 2D Photos

Bridgnorth Castle 3D Mesh (edges on)

As an experiment I have produced a 3d point cloud and mesh from a series of 2D photographs to compare with other survey methods I use at work to assess the relative accuracy of this method of modelling.

Using photogrametric principles software can now reconstruct/model 3D objects just by using overlapping photographs of the object. If the results bear up then this will produce quite a time saving on site for some projects at work.

The key is to make sure there are plenty of photos with sufficient overlap.

Below are screen grabs of the resulting model.

Bridgnorth Castle (Textured Faces)

Bridgnorth Castle Model (textures on)
Bridgnorth Castle 3D Model (textures on)

Bridgnorth Castle (3D mesh with the edges on)

Bridgnorth Castle 3D Mesh (edges on)
Bridgnorth Castle 3D Mesh (edges on)

Bridgnorth Castle (3D mesh – faces only)

Bridgnorth Castle 3D Mesh (faces only)
Bridgnorth Castle 3D Mesh (faces only)

Below is a quick snap shot using PhotSynth

The final cleaned up point cloud

New house – refurb under way

Last Friday I finally acquired a new house. The house is a 2 storey dorma-bungalow which hasn’t had much done to it since new. So it needs a full refurb. The plan is to get building regs approval and convert the existing attic room into usable space and add an extension using Structural Insulated Panels. The first job is stripping out the existing carpets and fixtures. Ad things progress I will post some more.

IMG_20140415_145603 IMG_20140415_170318 IMG_20140415_165046

As Christmas approaches…

Christmas is a time for joy and celebration but please spare a thought for all those people who are facing a hollow Christmas following bereavement, particularly those who are recently bereaved or who will be bereaved  over the Christmas period.

You are never so alone as when you are in a crowd.

A smiley cheery face can hide a multitude of depression.

Often friends say: “If you need anything just ask.” However, great friends don’t wait to be asked they just do.

Bridgnorth Housing Trust

As a trustee of Bridgnorth Housing Trust I have been working with the Chairman of the Trustees and the Clerk to the Trustees on the Trust’s new website.

Bridgnorth Housing Trust is a charitable foundation dedicated to providing Alms and Almshouses to the needy people of Bridgnorth. The charity can trace its roots back to 1503.

As part of supporting the needy of Bridgnorth and to help meet existing demand for their properties they have submitted a planning application to build 29 new properties in Low Town.

For further information about the application and the charity please have a look at their website: Bridgnorth Housing Trust | Providing Almshouses since 1503

Busy busy busy

Alas my new theme is still brewing in part because I gave been busy. Busy chasing happiness. Busy on other projects. Busy with work. Busy as a new Trustee of Bridgnorth Housing Trust.

The substantial freelance laser scanning survey has been completed. A couple of other websites I manage have progressed and some exciting new websites are on the development cusp. Including a new wrinkle at Green Planning Solutions LLP for my day job.

Signs of improvement in the economy are there. Signs of improvement for me are also there. Both need to be capitalised on.

However, I do have to reflect on the las 5 years… these have been years of recession for the economy and for me on a very personal level. 5 years ago my dear wife died and in a couple of weeks it will be our 5th wedding anniversary – an anniversary we have never shared except in spirit. How my life has changed beyond recognition since those happy days leading up to our wedding and the 11 months that followed.

Life throws many curves and bumps on an otherwise straight and flat road. I have developed swerveability or as a friend recently said ABS to help negotiate the curves and bumps.

So as I go forward, ever forward, things continue to improve. Indeed if I  spent all of my time looking backwards I would inevitably keep tripping over my own feet. However, I do allow myself to pull into a lay by once in a while and reflect on good times and happy memories. Take stock and look forward to the happy times to come.

Redesign imminent

A while a go I teased a few people with a draft of what my new website might look like. Having been delayed somewhat by a few urgent Web design jobs and the local elections, I am – touch wood – ready to get on with the task at hand. I have temporarily reverted to a bland default WordPress theme after a recent attack, so the task is back at the top of my pile.

Truly inspirational Domestic Violence response from Patrick Stewart

Of all the social media I find Facebook the least savoury. Lets face it Facebook is a huge source of distrust, frustration and angst among friends who should know better and read far too much into some comments. Trolling, internet bullying and other hate crime can be more common than it should be… However, for all the bad, my faith in the power of social media as a force for good gets restored when a hugely significant item is shared by a friend. Something that I had missed yesterday having had a busy day on site in Surrey.

This morning I popped onto Facebook for a quick flick through to find my social media friend Missy Fishy (mrsfishalicious on Facebook) shared a post on the upworthy website.

I have linked to the original YouTube video below so that my puny Search Engine juice goes to the Heather Skye for asking the question, to Oswald Vinueza for recording and sharing the moment and to Patrick Stewart, a true living legend, for sharing his moving and inspirational response to Heather Skye‘s question.

“Violence is never, ever a choice a man should make!”

Patrick Stewart Gives Passionate Response to Question At Comicpalooza 2013 - YouTube

In January I watched the episode of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ featuring Sir Patrick, which he refers to in the video. This is a great series on the BBC. Patrick’s journey of discovery was one of the better episodes. In the above video Sir Patrick not only talks about his experience of domestic violence against women but also his new understanding the BBC show gave him. He goes on to explain that he now works for Refuge for his mother and Combat Stress for his father.

His reply to Heather Skye shows the true measure of a man. A truly inspirational, though provoking and powerful video.

End domestic Violence: “Make it So!”