A Memory Of Light: Wheel of Time Book 14

I just finished A Memory Of Light: Wheel of Time Book 14 by Jordan, Robert; Sanderson, Brandon on Kindle for BlackBerry 10! http://www.amazon.co.uk/kindleforandroid/

Thanks to Brandon for finishing Robert’s epic series, following Robert’s death in 2007. Magical crafting from you both. Thank you.

Light, so much has changed in my life while I have been reading these books! 20+ years in the making and over 450 hours of reading. Half of my life to date has been weaved since I started reading them in the early 90s!!! The wheel of my life has turned for good and bad, but turned none the less. This series has been a particularly enjoyable thread in that  pattern. Long will its indelible mark be felt.


My site needs a new look

Now that my life has flipped up side down again, I keep looking at my website and wondering what is it achieving 🙂

So I have decided it needs reinvigorating, a bit like myself really lol

I now have a style for the WordPress theme in my head and on a few sketches. I will continue to work those up over the times between work, rest & play 🙂

The new theme will be an Art Deco theme incorporating things that float my boat.


Undertaking some SEO for CGB Contracting Service Ltd

My latest project is for CGB Contracting Service Ltd, a professional and affordable Commercial Cleaning contractor covering Birmingham, Coventry and the West Midlands.

At this stage. I am not undertaking any major web design work or large scale overhaul for them. However, they have 2 websites, so I am rationalising those, adjusting their main site to improve performance and providing Search Engine Optimisation with a view to boosting their existing profile.

They undertake a range of cleaning services including:

  • One-off or scheduled cleaning jobs ;
  • end of tenancy cleaning;
  • office cleaning;
  • commercial cleaning;
  • retail cleaning;
  • and industrial cleaning



Am I strange? Am I out of the ordinary? Am I missing something?

From what I have seen in life, through the easy and the hard times, I have come to understand that the overwelming majority of people yearn for a sense of belonging, to be valued and appreciated for their contribution. Be it in family life, social groups or in the work place. If we feel that we belong, that we are valued and or appreciated, we work harder at sustaining family life, groups and work. If we get fullfillment in all three we work harder in life, groups & work and we value those around us more, and reinforce their own belief in themselves and others.

After all are we not social animals?

I have found and lost my sense of belonging on many occasions. When I have lost that sense I embark on a journey trying to regain the feeling of fulfilment, contentment and satisfaction that follows. In the vast majority of cases I have been richly rewarded by the balance I find in myself. In many cases I have found fulfilment not from things that centre around me but those things that help others.

I am blessed to have many, many friends around the globe who have been there for me & helped me on my journeys of rediscovery, help me to find a sense of purpose and belonging. Over the last couple of years that journey has been the hardest yet & the support from friends has been the strongest.

faith n hope

Life has been tough for me over the last few years… but despite all of the set backs I still have faith and hope that the future will be brighter.

Perhaps I am an idealist and or the eternal optimist…

In the dark, dark days after loosing dear Julie I have often found myself questioning my faith, not just in god but in the values of life itself. As time has gone on I have come to realise that my faith in life in particular & the capacity of humanity to do good has come back to me. This has not been easy & Jane has done wonders to help me realise this.

Deep down I remain cynical of many things… structured religion amongst them, but I hold true to my core values & my faith in god that things will always turn out in the end.

Jane at times blames herself for how Ross has grown up – some of which is tue – but ultimately, Ross is his own man, finding his own way in the world. A world that will be harsh & treat him poorly, at times… but he has to find his own way. Jane can guide him, nurture him, support him & steer him in the life changing choices he has in front of him. Life choices at times he doesn’t fully appreciate or plan properly for but ultimately they are his choices. Choices he will be making increasingly on his own as they years go by. But Jane also needs to learn not to smother him & he also needs to learn to help her help himself.

I have fairth, I have hope that they will see sense. I don’t think that will be for a year or two yet… but they will.


I have decided to add a portfolio of some of the things I have done for work or for various people. CAD work, Graphic Design Work & websites in the main. The link is a the top of the page.

Oh shoot DONE IT AGAIN & update part 1

Another month has gone by & I still haven’t added a post…. Better pull my finger out.

Where to begin….
Well since my last serious post which was June last year *hangs head in shame* my life has completely changed – a series of changes for the better I might add!
Let me recap somewhat:
  • JULY 2009 was a slow month in many ways…. Still laid-off from work so started the process of redundancy after long discussions with my boss, ACAS and legal people. Had lots of chat with twitter friends & the ‘odd’ pub lunch.By the end of the month things took a turn for the better. A twitter friend who I hadn’t chatted too much to had her eyes on a friend of mine but that didn’t work out. Before long we were chatting more… more & more…. and before you know it Jane had entered my life as a very good friend. SCIATICA continued to be very painful. Discovered the advice GP had given me was way off beam – told exactly wrong thing but corrected by triage physio over the phone! 9 week waiting list for physio appointment. Oh and it was my 40th birthday right at the end of the month – a very bleak week for me as Julie had died aged 40 & I never felt so alone. All my other twitter friends continued to be superb – couldn’t wish to know a better bunch of people. By the end of the month I was officially made redundant ( although actually didn’t get redundancy money until Feb 2010!)
  • AUGUST 2009 As bleak as the run up to my birthday was Jane was a real trooper & in sharing our experiences we developed a deeper bond. She had lots of plasters and did an enormous amount to help me get things back in perspective. I Spent a fair bit of time playing with my new DSLR camera. By now I had learn’t that Jane was planning on moving back to the UK from South Africa – Jane was originally from Liverpool but left when she was 9. I suggested that she needed a holiday here first as things have changed a lot over here since she left. 12 months since I lost Julie came and went – another bleak period for me but Jane was still on hand with the plasters… bless her. By the middle of the month: Jane & I decided that she should spend a holiday over here with me & not in Liverpool, largely as it was a solid base for her to research move back to the UK; I had found some more gainful employment; I started to see a chiropractor to treat sciatica – this proved to be a great help in contrast to the NHS physio referral appointment which came in early 2010!
  • SEPTEMBER 2009 Jane arrived in the UK and spent a mere week in my company. during this time took her to see the sights of Shropshire & helped her investigate her options. She met Julie’s parents when I took some flowers to Julie’s grave. We had a fab time during her stay & by the time she had left we wanted to take things further or at least see where we could end up – most unexpected!!! We had hit it off & become an item lol Getting back to my house & back to me on my own was strange… very strange… I could still smell Jane’s perfume in the air. Wish she could have stayed longer! Think I knew then that I wanted her in my life & I was probably as low as I had been since Julie died.  The week after I started working for my new employers in earnest, chatted with Jane a lot & met up with some of my best twitter friends whilst working in Dover. Jane was very low having returned home & knew where she wanted to be.  I was was more cautious but by the end of the month was more reassured & we knew that if we were going anywhere special I would need to go down to Jane & meet her son. Arrangements were made & I jetted off down to South Africa to see how things developed with Jane & to meet Ross…. still pinching myself that this was actually happening. Julie had said to me way back in May 2008 that if anything every happened to her I was not to dwell, or hang about & I was to find a nice girl like Olivia down the road. Never did I imagine I would have to put her wishes into practice… but all I ever wanted to do was to make Julie proud of me – something I still do & will do till the day I die. Decided I need to make a move in otherways too & put my house back on the market.
  • OCTOBER 2009 I spent the last week of Spetember & the first week of October down in South Africa – saw the sights… well nearly… visted the cresta shopping centre a lot trying to get Jane’s IT up to scratch & largely failing. Crazy system down there lol But we got there in the end. Visited Gold Reef City & a few other attractions & spent a lot of quality time with Jane & Ross. I returned to see my house was officially back on market by completing last form. Was very surprised to have 3 viewings in no time at all – agreeing an offer with 1 of them two weeks later for a fair price. The only drag when I came back was that I missed Jane’s birthday on following Friday. Jane had decided she was leaving for the UK in January….

To be continued…

    Website died & went to heaven

    Well I have been quite slack of late but just to update everybody. My old domain (cllrdavidwalker.org) has expired as I intent to resign as a councillor still in May. That domain seemed rather pointless with this looming on the horizon so I have flipped it wholesale to another domain of mine… (this one for the slow on the uptake lol)

    The only downside with all that is that I have been so busy with helping Jane & Ross settle into the UK that I have seriously neglected things.  Something that I will be catching up with shortly…