So here we are… new dawn… new politics

Well the Polls showed the public were overwhelmingly in favour of a hung parliament & parties working together. Now we have a hung parliament, with a coalition government the colour of which few probably expected. Personally I don’t think this new government will fall apart as some predict. The early indications are that quite a broad program of agreement has already been established between the LibDems & the Conservatives. rules of engagement have been drawn up to cover areas of disagreement.

There is inherent danger for the LibDems in any coalition deal. Of the offers on the table yesterday only the Conservative one was credible & however desirable the Labour ‘offer’ would have never worked. Now that agreement has been reached then there is a modicum of stability for the foreseeable future, at least at parliamentary level. There may yet be some blood letting in both the LibDems & the Conservatives, but I believe both parties will, largely, be much more pragmatic than the commentators give them credit for. Both sides have given up a lot to makes this deal stick.

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Dear Gordon, errrr can’t think of much to say so will just say… Goodbye. Toot toot hooray

Disappointing result for the LibDems last Thursday but the main story over the last few days has been the hung parliament.

Gordon Brown resigned… well nearly! Only in a few months. What a farce!! He should have resigned as Labour leader there and then whilst staying on as PM until the new Government was in place.

The Con/LibDem deal is the only viable option on the table & I hope this deal comes to fruition today. Time is marching on and a deal now needs to be struck.

The resignation of Brown upset the whole apple cart yesterday. Labour talks have taken place today but a Lab/LibDem deal is a none starter. Labour can not carry their own MPs in votes as it is & the vibe is that many would rebel & even vote against their own queen’s speech! There can be no confidence in Labour figures adding up to a minority government of what ever coalition colour. Rejecting this is the best way of dumping Brown now & not in September.

The Con/LibDem coalition option is the only stable one that can get to grips with the issues facing the country. If this can not be hammered out then the LibDems should walk away but that is a very unpalatable position. The referendum concession from the conservatives is a big one.

So chaps… best you get on with it!!!

‘Sun’ censored poll that showed support for Lib Dems – UK Politics, UK – The Independent

Appalled to read in The Independant that The ‘Sun’ censored poll that showed support for Lib Dems – UK Politics, UK – The Independent.

The YouGov Poll data showed that if the public thought the LibDems has a significant chance of winning then the result would be:

LibDem 49% or 548 seats
Con 25% or 25 seats
Lab 19% or 41 seats

Speachless!!! Establishment are shite scared of a LibDem win & will do anything to derail Nick Clegg it seems