TGSacoustics website and SEO work

Over the last few months, I have been completing some Search Engine Optimisation S(SEO) for TGSacoustics Ltd who are an Acoustics Consultancy based in Birmingham. They had a tidy site previously with very bad SEO. It didn’t look too bad but they weren’t getting any traffic of note at all. Which kind of made the whole thing pointless.

I have reworked the site from top to bottom after the previous designer gave them the runaround. Adjusted everything to include the required SEO, set them up with a phone number and some other off-site tools and commenced monitoring the results. The monitoring will soon be finishing. The results will continue to improve over time but for now, I am happy with the results and more importantly so are they.

TGSacoustics Birmingham Acoustic Consultancy covering the UK
TGSacoustics Birmingham Acoustic Consultancy covering UK

Website makeover

After noticing a few things going pearshaped with some of the category postings and the way the site was rendering on different clients I decided to begin a complete revamp of my website. The old house in Telford is going back on the market so have more time to do a thorough job on my website. The house and work have both been dominating my time since the Summer.

Bridgnorth Housing Trust

As a trustee of Bridgnorth Housing Trust I have been working with the Chairman of the Trustees and the Clerk to the Trustees on the Trust’s new website.

Bridgnorth Housing Trust is a charitable foundation dedicated to providing Alms and Almshouses to the needy people of Bridgnorth. The charity can trace its roots back to 1503.

As part of supporting the needy of Bridgnorth and to help meet existing demand for their properties they have submitted a planning application to build 29 new properties in Low Town.

For further information about the application and the charity please have a look at their website: Bridgnorth Housing Trust | Providing Almshouses since 1503

Redesign imminent

A while a go I teased a few people with a draft of what my new website might look like. Having been delayed somewhat by a few urgent Web design jobs and the local elections, I am – touch wood – ready to get on with the task at hand. I have temporarily reverted to a bland default WordPress theme after a recent attack, so the task is back at the top of my pile.

QuantAthena reboot taking shape

In between other things I have started the process of rebooting the QuantAthena website to improve its search engine rankings across the board. After a slight enforced delay while the site was migrated to a new host, things are begging to take shape. The existing site used a template called Simplicity, based on the Woo framework. Whilst it does its job, in my view a bespoke template designed from the bottom up is far superior  A custom theme made to order is cleaner, more efficient, easier to maintain and Search Engine friendly solution. A framework can be a neat solution to allow customisation for a novice, the results can often be less than satisfactory. In the longer term the site will probably be switched to a fully bespoke  and crafted template.

To date, I have improved the target keyword count and removed approximately half of the validation errors, fixed the code in the template so each images uses ALT in the image tags correctly.

IT Support Services | VoIP Phone Systems | Data Host | Managed Hardware & Software | Data Recovery from QuantAthena

QuantAthena IT Solutions

I have agreed to overhaul the website of QuantAthena IT Solutions, a national IT Services business offering Voip Phone systems, Data Hosting and Recovery, Hardware and Software support. Once again, this is a business that has a website with a Google PageRank of 0 – despite having paid for design and SEO services from an Expert! “We specialize in SEO (Search Engine optimization)” Well that ‘SEO specialist’ company’s own site has a PageRank of 0 – enough said.

The existing QuantAthena design is a WordPress Template with little bespoke design about it, and very little SEO factors beyond those inherent in the template itself. A re-tool of the existing site to make it work smarter and harder, apply some minimal re-branding and sort out the internal and external SEO factors that are missing, should help matters considerably. QuantAthena have had no business from their website since it was set up, thanks to their very low profile. They should see the improvements very soon.

Ringway Driveway Design

I am in the middle of redesigning the website and undertaking some Search Engine Optimisation for Ringway Driveway Design Ltd,  a Block paving and resurfacing contractor based in Shepperton, Middlesex. Custom  WordPress Installation and a bespoke template. Holding pages are in place & I will be pulling together the main content pages over the next few days. All this means that my own website’s makeover is slipping backwards a little.

My site needs a new look

Now that my life has flipped up side down again, I keep looking at my website and wondering what is it achieving 🙂

So I have decided it needs reinvigorating, a bit like myself really lol

I now have a style for the WordPress theme in my head and on a few sketches. I will continue to work those up over the times between work, rest & play 🙂

The new theme will be an Art Deco theme incorporating things that float my boat.


Undertaking some SEO for CGB Contracting Service Ltd

My latest project is for CGB Contracting Service Ltd, a professional and affordable Commercial Cleaning contractor covering Birmingham, Coventry and the West Midlands.

At this stage. I am not undertaking any major web design work or large scale overhaul for them. However, they have 2 websites, so I am rationalising those, adjusting their main site to improve performance and providing Search Engine Optimisation with a view to boosting their existing profile.

They undertake a range of cleaning services including:

  • One-off or scheduled cleaning jobs ;
  • end of tenancy cleaning;
  • office cleaning;
  • commercial cleaning;
  • retail cleaning;
  • and industrial cleaning